Interface File Requirements

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These are the recommended checks to perform when importing data.

Some of these conditions will send an email alert and cause the night job to end further processing while other conditions will only send an email alert.


If the proper date is not found, send email alert, wait X minutes, and try again


IP_BIRTH must equal today’s date. If not, send email and bail out of the night job.

If today’s K_INTPROD records is less than a percentage of yesterday’s K_INTPROD records, send email and bail out of the night job


If zero records imported and it is a warehouse work day, send alert but continue processing. Customers vary in how many days a week they expect demand; some capture demand 4, 5, 6 or 7 days a week.

Only check for demand on the days it is expected.

Note: This condition could be expected on a holiday or weekend thus the reason to not bypass the night job.