K3S Hosted Install

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Setting Up The Connection Between Your Server Company And K3S

K3S will be utilizing Site-to-site VPN tunnels for all connections to our hosted applications. All access for your company will come through this tunnel and no individual user access to login to our VPN is allowed. This gives greater security to our application and allows your company to control access to what user has access to your K3S application install.

There will be two Site-to-site tunnel connections setup: Production and Disaster Recovery

K3S will work with your IT director to setup these connections to begin install

Define Processes And Schedule

To deliver the data for processing a schedule must be set of when K3S can pick up the data. K3S will want to know when your company’s EOD job is done processing to determine a reasonable time to pickup data.

For Example: If the EOD process normally ends ~3:20am, K3S will suggest going to pickup the formatted files at 4am to ensure they are available, even if the EOD process runs long.

Setup FTP server access to pickup data

Create formatted data files for K3S

Define PO Format and PO Delivery

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