Demo / Discovery & Analysis

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If you have been commissioned to create data formatted for a Discovery & Analysis / Replenish Demo this guide will help you develop that data in the needed format.

Signed NDA

K3S will require an NDA signed by both parties for all Discovery & Analyses, as well as all Replenish Demos.


There are two main types of data to be developed with three items each needed for a correctly functioning database:

  • Lists of Buyer Groups, Locations, & Users
  • Formatted files / tables of data for Suppliers, Products, & History


There are three lists that will be used for the database: a list of Users, Buyer Groups, and Locations. These lists can be emailed to K3S for manual entry, or developed into a CSV file for easy import. The format for the files is shown below:

List Of Users

  • User ID - 10 characters
  • User name - 25 characters
  • Default Buyer Group - 5 characters (typically buyer #)
  • Location ID - 5 characters
  • Manager - 1 character (has authority to change any information in K3S)


User ID      User name          Buy Group   Location     Manager (1=Yes, 0=No) 
KING3        King Harrison          01         01               0 
JOHNS        John Smith             02         01               1 
MARYJ        Mary Jones (Candy)     03         01               0 
SAM          Sam Fredrick           SAMFR      ATL              0 

List Of Buyer Groups

  • Buy Grouper - 5 characters (typically buyer #s or department #s)
  • Description - 35 characters (typically user’s name or department description)
  • User ID - 10 characters


Buy group     Description               User ID 
01            King Harrison             KING3 
02            John Smith                JOHNS 
03            Mary Jones (candy)        MARYJ 
04            Mary Jones (toys)         MARYJ 
SAMFR         Sam Fredrick              SAM 

List Of Locations

  • Location ID - 5 characters
  • Description - 40 characters
  • Region ID - 5 character


Location ID          Description           Region 
01                   Charlotte, NC           SOUTH 
ATL                  Atlanta, GA             SOUTH 
BUF                  Buffalo, NY             NORTH 

Files / Tables

There are three data files / tables needed for creation of the database. These should be developed and sent to K3S in CSV format. This links below show the format instructions.

Note: Because these files are the same ones we use for actual installs there will be fields of optional data that may not pertain to your particular demo. These fields will list the default data to send.

The three files that will need to be populated for the conversion effort:

Delivery Of Files

K3S will setup an SFTP connection for you to upload your files. All demo databases will be done on our hosted service.