Demo / Data Discovery & Analysis

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If you have been commissioned to create data formatted for a Data Discovery & Analysis / Replenish Demo this guide will help you develop that data in the needed format.

Signed NDA

K3S will require an NDA signed by both parties for all Discovery & Analyses, as well as all Replenish Demos.


There are two main types of data to be developed with items each needed for a correctly functioning database:

  • Lists of Buyer Groups, Locations, & Users
  • Formatted files / tables of data for Suppliers, Products, Lead Times, & History

Ways To Obtain Data

K3S has a team of engineers available who, with your permission, can go and create and extract the files needed for the Demo / Data Discovery. If our team are the ones commissioned to build the files we potentially have the ability to extract additional files to demonstrate more features. K3S would need a connection to your server and ability to query the database.

If you would prefer to have your team build the files the instructions below will help create them.

Files / Tables

There are three file lists and four data files / tables needed for creation of the database.

The three lists that will be used for the database are: a list of Users, Buyer Groups, and Locations. These lists can be emailed to K3S for manual entry, or developed into a pipe delimited CSV file for a one time easy import. These lists are only created and used once for initial setup.

Here is a zip of the three files listed that can act as a shell for setting up your data:

The remaining four data files / tables will need to be developed by either K3S or a member of your team. The files should be developed into pipe delimited CSV format. This links below show the format instructions.

Note: Because these files are the same ones we use for actual installs there will be fields of optional data that may not pertain to your particular demo. These fields will list the default data to send.

The four files that will need to be populated for the conversion effort:

Here is a zip of the four files listed that can act as a shell for setting up your data:

Here is a zip of an excel file we have formatted to easily take notes on the fields. This is not used for install other than your reference:

Delivery Of Files

If K3S will not be the engineers who will create the files for you, K3S will setup an SFTP connection for you to upload your files. All demo databases will be done on our hosted service.