The K_READY file should contain today’s date and exist once all interface files have been generated. If the proper date is not found, send email alert, wait X minutes, and try again.

This is a snippet of code for the K3S_READY rpgle program.


 fk_ready   ip   e             disk

 d isitready       s              1
 d date10          s             10
 d today           s               d   datfmt(*iso)                         system date (*ISO)

  * company ID passed
 c     *entry        plist
 c                   parm                    isitready

 c                   eval      today = %date()
 c                   move      today         date10
 c                   eval      isitready = 'N'

 c                   if        RR_DATE = date10
 c                   eval      isitready = 'Y'
 c                   endif

 c                   eval      *inlr = *on ``