K3S Jobs

Scheduled Jobs

This article will give an explanation of what each K3S scheduled job does.


This job runs monthly. It will delete all old records in the physical files. Each K3S physical file has a corresponding record in the K_TABLCOD file in the RET type (Retain Records Certain Number of Days) which specifies how long to keep records. Once this is reached, the record is deleted. This job is scheduled for the 1st Sunday of the month.


This job runs monthly. It processes the past month’s worth of lead time transactions in order to update the supplier and product lead times. Most cutomers will run this job, however, it is not required.


This job will start the K3S night job and is customized for each customer. It should run the same days the customer’s ERP end of day procedure runs (typically 5, 6, or 7 days a week) and it should start after your EOD has completed. This job will typically call CLLE program K3S_NIGHT out of library K3S_5MOD. The parms are customized.


This job is held until released to run. This job is submitted when R6 update is needed. For example, when there are updates in the PHP (front-end development). When released, it will refresh all APIs in library K3S_5OBJ.


This job is ran monthly. Will reorganize all the physical files that contains more than 10% deleted records. The 10% value is a parameter that can be changed for your environment.


This job is ran weekly. The purpose of this job is to re-populate the Service Level Target values for all products, based upon their individual ranking against the other products. The conversion process is set to create the K3S_5SERVE automated job to call the CL program K3S_4040CL which develops service level targets based upon buy groups. Most cutomers will run this job, however, it is not required.


This job is ran weekly. This job, once submitted, will grab the diverter’s offering files which will give you a list of products that you can buy from that diverter. Not every customer will have this because not every customer uses diverters.


This job is ran daily. Its purpose is to start up WEB_BATCH subsystem and restart Zend server. Not all customers have this job. Ideally a customer would edit their QSTRUP program to perform these functions but if that does not happen we just created a daily scheduled job to do it.